Dimensional Instrument Calibration

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Precision Measurement & Dimensional Gage Calibration Services

Quality Control Solutions, Inc. has decades of experience in gage calibration services of precision measurement equipment. We are certain that once you experience our extraordinary customer service, turnaround, pricing and expertise you will want Quality Control Solutions, Inc. to become Your Total Metrology Solution!

Dimensional Calibration Services

Angle Plates & Blocks
Bench Centers
Bolt Protusion Gages
Bore Gages
Chamfer & Hole Check Gages
Co-Ax Indicators
Crimping Tools
Concentricity Gages
Feeler Gages
Force Gages
Gage Blocks
GO/NO-GO Gages
Hand Tools
Hardness Testers
(Rockwell, Superficial,
Knoop & Vickers)
Height Gages
Height Set Masters
Laser Micrometers
Length Standards
Load Cells (120,000lbs)
LVDT Probes
Magnehelic Pressure Gauges

Master Balls
Master Discs
Optical Flats
Pin Gages
Plug Gages
Pressure Gauges
Radar Guns
Radius gages
Ring Gages
Roundness Testers
Scales & Balances
Snap Gages
Steel Rules- up to 72″
Surface Finish Testers
Surface Finish Roughness Patches
Surface Plates
Tape Measures
Thread Wires
Thread Plug Gages
Thread Ring Gages
Torque Wrenches
Torque Analyzers and Meters
Universal Measuring Machines
Vacuum Gages
Welding Machines

54-530-135 Fowler .5
54-815-030-0 Fowler Sylvac Rapid-Mic Electronic Micrometer 1.2
Dimensional Instrument Calibration

Beyond Our PJLA Scopes

Always Expanding Certification

We are continuously expanding the ranges and accuracies of our accreditation and adding new instruments and models to our scopes.

Quality Control Solutions, Inc. also offers an extensive list of NIST-traceable certified calibration procedures on a "non-accredited" basis. A non-accredited calibration simply means that our stringent measuring procedures for that instrument have not been observed and evaluated by an official accreditation organization, but you still receive full certification paperwork.

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