Gage Block Calibration Services

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PJLA Accredited Calibration

Quality Control Solutions, Inc. offers accurate Gage Block calibration services at excellent low prices. Your Gage Blocks are calibrated to PJLA Accredited ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certification and our standards are directly traceable to NIST. Quality Control Solutions, Inc. Uncertainty Range is competitive with the larger Labs, and easily surpasses other nearby independent calibration labs.

Quality Control Solutions, Inc. Meticulous Process

Even though we promise to have your Gage Blocks in and out of our doors quickly, you can rest assured that each set of gage blocks is put through a meticulous and painstaking care and calibration procedure every time. Your Gage Blocks are:

  • Carefully unpacked in one of our environmentally controlled calibration Labs
  • Cleaned in denatured alcohol and Demagnetized
  • Inspected for burrs, nicks or flaws which are lightly lapped as necessary
  • Stabilized overnight
  • Handled only with rubber coated tongs
  • Verified to Masters used strictly for Gage Block calibrations
  • Calibrated using Gage Block Comparators which are calibrated daily
  • All certification data is electronically transferred to computer for error-free results
  • Oiled upon request (some customers prefer no oil)
Gage Block Calibration Services

Your Source For Premium Gage Block Calibration

Quality Control Solutions, Inc. calibrates any brand of Gage Blocks and we also sell all of the major brands, making us your simple single source for calibration, lapping and purchasing gage blocks and more. No more paying big OEM prices for calibration and sending blocks to multiple locations. Using Quality Control Solutions, Inc. for all your calibration needs will allow you to conveniently keep all your calibration certification data in one place.

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