Q: When I launch the M1 software I receive a message, “Connecting to encoder box” with the flashing text “Connecting to device…”. No connection occurs. The software is not functioning properly as a result. What could be the cause of this?

A: This typically indicates that your Bluetooth enabled M1 interface box is either not powered on, or that the Bluetooth address settings have not been properly configured in the M1 Factory Options and Axis Setup screens.

In the Factory options setup page, the item called “Connection” should be set to Bluetooth. If it is not, select Bluetooth from the connection list. NOTE: A supervisor password must be entered in order to see the Factory options setup menu item.

Next…In the Axis setup screen the Bluetooth address matching your M1 interface box(Bluetooth address should be listed on the interface box product label) should be displayed in the Bluetooth connection address field. If it is not select the Available bluetooth connections item and choose the address that matches your M1 from the list.

If you do not see your Bluetooth address listed please confirm that the device address is being detected in the Android Bluetooth settings screen. Access android settings, then Bluetooth settings, and perform a search, when your device is displayed, and if required pair with it using the Pairing Code 1234. Once this is complete return to the (2) steps above this one to setup the M1 software.

Q: My M1 tablet will not start up or power on.

A: Please first confirm that the M1 tablet readout is connected to AC power via the micro USB or general power connector. If the tablet is connected to power, press and hold the tablet power button for 15 seconds and then release it. If you do not see the tablet power on screens, press and hold the power button again for 15 seconds. If the tablet still will not power on, it may be that the battery has become completely discharged. In this case check for a charging LED indicator and wait 10 minutes and try again to press and hold the power button for 15 seconds. If it still will not turn on please contact your QCSI representative.

Q: I attempted to printout my measurement results but no printer is listed.

A: First confirm that a valid printer exists on the current network, and that your tablet WiFi is enabled, and network access has been granted. Go to the Android settings page and under the System heading select Printing. Ensure that you have enabled the printing service you intend to use. Retry your printout.

Q: I have exported some measuring data as a PDF file but cannot find the PDF file that I created.

A: The pdf file should be saved to your Android Downloads folder. Navigate to the Android menu using the Apps button on the main android desktop. You should see a link to the “Downloads” folder. The pdf file exported should be in this folder with the filename m1_printout.pdf.

Q: When I measure features in my M1 software the feature sizes are incorrect by a large or significant amount. What could be the cause?

A: More than one cause can be attributed to incorrect feature results:

  • Confirm that the unit type you intend to observe results for is the currently selected unit type in the M1 software. Check the unit selector button located on your top toolbar.
  • In the case of an Optical Edge enabled system, reteach the optical edge probe using the edge teach button found in the optical edge probe menu. Ensure that good dark and light illumination regions are used for the teach routine.
  • The encoder resolution for your system may be incorrect. Please align a crosshair on your comparator or microscope viewfinder at the edge of a known length standard. Zero the X axis DRO and travel the standard length. Observe the results and make adjustments to the encoder resolution or direction in the Axes Setup screen of your M1 settings menu.

Q: I would like to display my encoder position or my measured feature results in a different resolution or display format. How can I change this?

A: In the M1 setup menu select the menu item called “Display formats”. From within this screen you can set the display resolution for inch or metric linear units, DMS (Degrees Minutes Seconds or DD (Decimal Degrees) for angular results, as well as Cartesian vs Polar coordinate mode.

Q: I would like my feature measurements to complete automatically once I have probed a specified number of points on that feature. How can I configure this?

A: In the M1 Setup menu, access the item called “Measure”. Set the Annotation mode to Forward, and then specify the number of points for each feature type that that you would like to probe before the system will automatically finish the measurement.

Q: When I cross an edge with the optical edge sensor on my comparator a point is not being entered in the system or is not being entered correctly.

Confirm first that you have the Auto Edge probe selected; check the probe menu for the currently selected probe. Select a feature measure button, and cross an edge again. See below if no points are entered.

Attempt to re-teach your optical edge probe. Select the teach edge button found in the probe menu and follow the edge teach on-screen instruction. Check edge detection again.

If you receive an error message when attempting to teach your probe, perform the teach again taking special care to confirm the dark and light points with the onscreen instruction, if it still fails contact your service representative.

Q: How can I clear all of my features and datum(skew and zero) to start a fresh measuring session?

Select any feature in the feature list. You will see a Red X button appear in the bottom right toolbar. Long press this button to delete all features, and to remove all previously performed part alignments.

NOTE: You can also reset the skew and zero without deleting the features by long pressing on the datum indicator found in the top right toolbar(Right Angle icon with the number 1 or 2 in it).

Q: Am I able to export or print measurement results?

A: Yes. Data can be exported as a CSV file directly to cloud storage, or as an email attachment. The data will be in the CSV format. Data can also be printed to an available wireless printer in our standard M1 report format. Both Export and Printing of data can be performed for all measured features, by having no features selected in the feature list. You can also print or export only selected features from the list.

Enable printing by setting the “Display print button” item in the Desktop setup screen to either Bottom Toolbar or to Extra Pop Up. This will display a print button in either the bottom toolbar or in a separate popup menu.

Enable CSV export by setting the “Display export button” item in the Desktop setup screen to either Bottom Toolbar or to Extra Pop Up. This will display an Export button in either the bottom toolbar or in a separate popup menu.

Q: How can I perform a backup, so that I can restore my M1 software settings at any time?

A: The M1 software manages all of its software settings files from within the Downloads folder in the Android root file structure. Simply make a backup of the entire Downloads folder and place in a safe location, preferably on a different computer.

Backup and Restore of the settings can also be executed using the Export and Import buttons, found in the Locks setup screen of the M1 settings menu. This M1 settings backup file will be written to, or read from the Downloads folder in the Android file system. NOTE: The supervisor password must be entered into the system for these Export and Import buttons to appear.

WARNING: The operations above can have significant impact on the functionality of your M1 system. Please consult your QCSI Representative prior to manipulating these files.

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