Our PJLA Scope of Accreditation

Quality Control Solutions, Inc. Calibration Services are ISO 17025 PJLA Accredited on a variety of measuring equipment. We operate an environmentally controlled lab that is electronically regulated to ensure constant accuracy of our equipment. Our experienced technicians assure you the highest level of precision in your calibrations with over 20 years of extensive training.

Always Expanding Certifications

We are continuously expanding the ranges and accuracies of our accreditation's and adding new instruments to our scopes.

Non-Accredited Calibrations

QCSI also offers an extensive list of calibration procedures on a non-accredited basis. A non-accredited calibration simply means that our measuring procedures for that instrument have not been evaluated by an official accreditation organization.

Like our accredited calibrations, our non-accredited calibrations are accompanied by a calibration certificate (absent an accrediting body logo) which provides a description of the measuring procedure, applied measurement standards, traceability and applicable uncertainties. All calibrations performed by can be nationally or internationally traced through our reference standards.

No single company can provide calibration services for every instrument out there. It is our goal at Quality Control Solutions, Inc. however to be Your Premier Full Service Provider of Precision Measuring Devices. That means that if we cant calibrate some instruments within your requirements, we will make every effort to still handle the job by subcontracting it for you, or at least referring you to someone who can. This means you save valuable time and the frustration of dealing with multiple vendors.

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