Ergoscope® ES-100TC Digital Microscope with Screen 6.7X – 45X

Ergoscope® ES-100TC Digital Microscope with Screen Specs

Body Optical System Finite, Body Magnification 6.7-45X, Zoom Range 0.67-4.5X, Zoom Ratio 1:6.7, Zoom Operating Mode w/Two, Horizontal Knobs, Eyepiece Field of View Dia. 22mm, Objective Working Distance 100mm, 50/50 True-Trinocular Zoom Body, Eye Tube Angle 45 degrees, Eye Tube Inner Diameter 30mm, Eye Tube Diopter Adjustable +/-5 degrees


  • Color Camera with full HD Video Capture 60fps
  • 2.0 Megapixels
  • Camera Resolution 1920×1080
  • SD Capture Card
  • Hand Held Control
  • 11.6” Monitor with HDMI input
  • Resolution 1920×1080
  • 10X Eyepieces (pair)
  • Adjustable LED Ring Light with adjustable brightness control
  • ERGOFLEX Monitor Mounting System which allows the monitor to be tilted, raised and lowered 10”

Available in multiple Track and Boom stand sizes

Ergoscope® ES-100TC Digital Microscope with Screen

About The Ergoscope® ES-100TC Digital Microscope with Screen

The Ergoscope® ES-100TC Digital Microscope with Screen features a Body Optical System Finite with a Body Magnification of 6.7-45X and a Zoom Range of 0.67-4.5X, offering a Zoom Ratio of 1:6.7. The Zoom Operating Mode is controlled by two horizontal knobs for ease of use. The microscope also includes a 50/50 True-Trinocular Zoom Body for versatile viewing options.

With an Eyepiece Field of View of Dia. 22mm and an Objective Working Distance of 100mm, this microscope provides clear and detailed images. The Eye Tube Angel is set at 45 degrees with an Inner Diameter of 30mm, and the Eye Tube Diopter is adjustable +/-5 degrees for comfortable viewing.

The ES-100TC comes equipped with a Color Camera capable of full HD Video Capture at 60fps, featuring 2.0 Megapixels and a Camera Resolution of 1920×1080. An SD Capture Card is included for easy storage and transfer of captured images and videos.

The microscope features a handheld control for convenient adjustment of settings and image capture. It also includes an 11.6” Monitor with HDMI input, offering a resolution of 1920×1080 for clear and detailed viewing.

For comfortable viewing, the ES-100TC includes 10X Eyepieces (pair) that provide a clear and wide field of view. The microscope also features an Adjustable LED Ring Light with adjustable brightness control, allowing you to illuminate your specimens with precision.

The ERGOFLEX Monitor Mounting System allows you to tilt, raise, and lower the monitor by 10”, providing flexibility and comfort during use. This feature ensures that you can adjust the monitor to your preferred viewing angle, reducing strain on your neck and eyes.

The Ergoscope® ES-100TC Digital Microscope with Screen is available in multiple Track and Boom stand sizes, allowing you to choose the configuration that best suits your needs. Whether you are conducting research, teaching, or performing quality control, the ES-100TC offers exceptional performance and versatility.


Microscopes and components have two types of optical path design structures.
One type is finite optical structural design, in which light passing through the objective lens is directed at the intermediate image plane (located in the front focal plane of the eyepiece) and converges at that point. The finite structure is an integrated design, with a compact structure, and it is a kind of economical microscope.

Another type is infinite optical structural design, in which the light between the tube lens after passing the objective lens becomes “parallel light”. Within this distance, various kinds of optical components necessary such as beam splitters or optical filters call be added, and at the same time, this kind of design has better imaging results. As the design is modular, it is also called modular microscope. The modular structure facilitates the addition of different imaging and lighting accessories in the middle of the system as required.

The main components of infinite and finite, especially objective lens, are usually not interchangeable for use, and even if they can be imaged, the image quality will also have some defects.

The separative two-objective lens structure of the dual-light path of stereo microscope (SZ/FS microscope) is also known as Greenough.
Parallel optical microscope uses a parallel structure (PZ microscope), which is different from the separative two-object lens structure, and because its objective lens is one and the same, it is therefore also known as the CMO common main objective.

As seen in Quality Magazine
Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
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