Ergoscope® ES-100040120 20 Degree Angle Binocular Head


Ergoscope® ES-100040120 20 Degree Angle Binocular Head Specs

Infinite. For Stereo Microscope. Eye Tube Angle: 20°. Eye Tube Inner Diameter: Dia. 30mm.

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Ergoscope® ES-100040120 20 Degree Angle Binocular Head

About The Ergoscope® ES-100040120 20 Degree Angle Binocular Head

The Ergoscope® ES-100040120 20 Degree Angle Binocular Head is an advanced optical component designed to elevate the functionality and precision of your stereo microscope. This high-quality binocular head is engineered to deliver exceptional clarity, accuracy, and comfort during extended periods of observation, making it an essential addition for professionals and enthusiasts in various fields of microscopy.

Featuring an infinite optical design, the ES-100040120 provides an extended working distance and enhanced image quality. This design ensures that your observations are sharp and detailed, allowing you to see even the smallest features with clarity. Whether you are conducting biological research, industrial inspections, or educational demonstrations, the infinite optical system of this binocular head ensures superior performance.

One of the standout features of the Ergoscope® ES-100040120 is its 20 Degree Angle Binocular Head eye tube angle. This ergonomic design is specifically crafted to reduce strain on the eyes and neck, providing a comfortable viewing experience during prolonged use. The 20 Degree Angle Binocular Head ensures that your eyes remain aligned with the optical path, minimizing fatigue and enhancing productivity. This makes it ideal for applications that require long hours of detailed observation and analysis.

The eye tubes of the ES-100040120 have an inner diameter of Dia. 30mm, accommodating a wide range of eyepieces. This versatility allows you to customize your microscope setup according to your specific needs and preferences. The larger diameter also facilitates easy adjustments and ensures that the eyepieces are securely held in place, providing a stable and consistent viewing experience.

Designed specifically for stereo microscopes, the ES-100040120 20 Degree Angle Binocular Head enhances the three-dimensional viewing capabilities of your microscope. The binocular design provides depth perception and a wider field of view, allowing you to observe specimens in greater detail and with more accuracy. This makes it an excellent choice for applications that require precise spatial awareness, such as dissection, assembly, and quality control.

Constructed with high-quality materials, the Ergoscope® ES-100040120 is built to withstand the demands of daily use in professional and educational settings. Its robust construction ensures durability and long-lasting performance, providing you with a reliable optical component that will serve you well for years to come.

Enhance your microscopy capabilities with the Ergoscope® ES-100040120 20 Degree Angle Binocular Head. Experience the difference in clarity, comfort, and precision that this exceptional binocular head offers. Whether you are working in a laboratory, research facility, or educational institution, the ES-100040120 provides the performance and reliability you need to achieve the best results in your microscopy work. Upgrade your stereo microscope with this advanced 20° binocular head and take your observations to the next level.

Microscope Eyepiece Tube

Microscope eyepiece tube, is also called eyetube, or microscope observation tube.

Microscope eyepiece tube, usually referred to the microscope eyepiece tube and the part of the connecting body, which, for some, is attached to the body, and for some others, separated from the microscope. When separated, a screwdriver or wrench is required in order to secure it to the microscope body.

The eyepiece of the microscope is, sometimes, carried in the eyepiece tube, and fixed by screws, and for some, it is separated, to facilitate selecting and mounting eyepieces of different magnifications. When mounting, it needs to be mounted again upon the eyepiece tube.

Eye Tube Optical System Infinite
Eye Tube Type For Stereo Microscope
Eye Tube Adjustment Mode Compensating
Eye Tube Angle 20°
Erect/Inverted Image Erect Image
Eye Tube Rotatable 360° Degree Rotatable
Interpupillary Adjustment 52-75mm
Eye Tube Inner Diameter Dia. 30mm
Eye Tube Fixing Mode Elastic Tube locking
Eye Tube Size for Scope Body/Carrier Dia. 60mm
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Weight 3 lbs
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