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The 4337164P MarCator 1087 BRi digital indicator features wireless data transfer, 8mm stem, .00005″ resolution and a measuring range of 0.5″/12.5mm.


  • On/Off Reset, Preset, ABS, Min/Max Memory and Tolerance Limit
  • MarConnect data output, options: USB, OPTO RS232C, Digimatic or i-wi
  • Immediate measurement due to the Reference System
  • IP42 Class of Protection
  • Maximum measuring speed 1.5 m/s (60″/s)
  • High contrast LCD with 11mm high digits
  • Operating and display unit can be rotated 280 degrees
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The 4337164P MarCator offers the most modern technology in the indicator industry with the integrated wireless systems i-wi. The 1087 BRi model include a analog display that features your tolerance. Included is a two point measuring instrument where the point of reversal is automatically determined by rocking back and forth. The value is then detected and stored by the MIN function and shown on the display. The wireless connection allows simple data collection via DTI to i-Stick, which is a small thumb stick that connects via USB to any computer. Via the communication between your indicator and i-Stick your data can be integrated automatically into Excel or any Windows program. Up to 8 gages can be connected simultaneously per i-Stick receiver. The transmitter is integrated directly into MarCator indicator and does not require a separate battery.

4337164P MarCator 1087 BRi Features

  • ON/OFF
  • RESET(Set display to zero)
  • mm/inch
  • Reverse counting direction
  • PRESET (Allows the entry of any value using set buttons)
  • TOL (Enter tolerance limit values)
  • Tolerance band max. 1.6 mm
  • START/STOP for searching the reversal point
  • MAX/MIN memory, ideal for searching the reversal point
  • ABS (Display can be set to Zero without losing the reference to the Preset value)
  • 0 (Set analog display to zero)
  • DATA (when connected with a data connection cable)
  • Factor (adjustable)
  • Immediate measurement due to the Reference system
  • Individual buttons can be locked – Lock Function
  • Operating and display unit (bezel) can be rotated 280°
  • Sealed protection cap
  • High contrast LCD with 11 mm high digits
  • Operating time approx. 3 years (2000 work hrs/year)
  • Maximum measuring speed 1.5 m/s (60″/s)
  • MarConnect data output: USB, OPTO RS232C, Digimatic, Integrated Wireless
  • Operating temperature 10-40°C
  • Class of protection IP42 in accordance to IEC 60529


  • 4337164P MarCator 1087 BRi Digital Indicator
  • Operating Instructions
  • Battery
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