Fowler 52-520-450 X-Proof 1

The Fowler 52-520-450 X-Proof dial indicator is shockproof and waterproof with an Ingress Protection IP54 rating, has an American Gage Design (AGD) Group 2, 2-1/4″ dial face with a continuous dial, a 0-1″ measuring range, 0.001″ graduations, a revolution counter, and tolerance markers, and is designed to measure surface variations in fractions of an inch. The 0-100 continuous dial with revolution counter has a total measuring range of 0-1″ and 0.001″ graduations, with each revolution equal to 0.1″.


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The 52-520-450 X-Proof Indicator has an adjustable bezel and dial zeros the reading at any location. Tolerance markers allow operators to observe limits at a glance. The carbide contact point provides durability for surfaces with a hardness rating below that of carbide. The lug back is on a sealed back plate for mounting the indicator at right angles to the stand. Protective O-rings on the safety cap, bezel and rotating dial, and IP-54 rating ensure protection from oil, dust, coolant and water.

Fowler 52-520-450 X-Proof 1″ Shockproof Indicator Features

  • Rubber bellows on stem
  • O-ring seal on safety cap
  • O-ring protection for bezel and rotating dial
  • Sealed back plate


  • Robust shockproof design
  • Travel 1″
  • Reading .001″
  • Continuous reading 0-100
  • Tolerance markers
  • AGD Group 2, 2-1/4″ dia.
  • Lugback and carbide point
Weight1.00 lbs
Dimensions3.80 × 3.20 × 1.40 in



1 inch

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