5357301 Linear 100 Length Measuring Machine

5357301 Linear 100 is a universal length measuring machine for rapid, precise internal and external measurements up to 100 mm in the manufacturing environment. The units simple design makes it possible to carry out measurements in no time at all and adapt quickly to new measurement tasks.

Mahr Measuring Instruments


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The 5357301 Linear 100 is extremely flexible when it comes to external measurements, with a measuring range of 50 mm (2 in) and an application range of 100 mm (4 in).

For internal measurements, the application range is 15 mm to 100 mm (0.59 in to 4 in) with the option of 6 mm to 100 mm (0.24 in to 4 in). Switch from internal to external measurements anytime without having to recalibrate.

Linear 100 can be used to measure lengths and diameters allowing multifaceted measuring tasks to be solved.

5357301 Linear 100 Features

  • Damped measuring spindle with 2 pre-selectable measuring forces
  • Measuring force remains virtually constant over the entire measuring range
  • Direct measuring range of 50 mm
  • Integrated measuring system based on the Abbe principle
  • Infinitely adjustable measuring tables for precise measuring position adjustment
  • Combined internal/external measurement possible without recalibration
  • Easily exchangeable anvils which can be tailored to suit the specific measurement task
  • Solid cast body to avoid stresses and twisting errors from the outset
  • MarCheck measuring and evaluation unit (with optional stand)
  • The “MarCheck” with 3 channels, with USB connection for printer or stick, with USB connection to PC RS 232 interface, making it easy to transfer measured values to PCs
  • MarCom software (optional) allows measured values to be transferred to all Windows programs (e.g. Microsoft Excel)
  • Various accessories are available on request

Linear 100 Technical Data

Length measuring deviationMPE (0.7+L/1000) µm [L in mm]
Direct measuring range50 mm (2 in.)
Application rangeFor external measurements: 0 to 100 mm (0-4 in)
For internal measurements: 15 to 100 mm
6 to 100 mm possible upon request
Support tablesHeight adjustable for internal and external measurements
Measuring forceCan be set to 1 N or 3 N, switchable externally and internally

MarCheck. Technical Data

DimensionsL 260mm / W 180mm / H 50mm
WeightElectronics with plug-in power supply: 2 kg (without unit base)
DisplayLCD monochrome, 240 x 160 pixels with background illumination digit size measuring axes ca. 13 mm
Resolution per measuring channel0.0001mm; 0.001mm; 0.01mm 0.00001 inch; 0.0001 inch; 0.001 inch; 0.001°decimal; ° min, sec
Incremental inputsT1; T2; T3 sin/cos 1Vss 15 pol. sub D
Data interfaces1x RS 232, 1x USB slave connection to PC for data exchange and software
installation, 1 x USB master 16FAT
max. 3GB USB stick; connection to USB printer, preferably
Mahr no. 4429015
Only the print record HP PCL5 is supported
Unit of measuremm / inch can be set in the MENU

What’s Included?

  • Linear 100 with height adjustable 70 x 70 mm object table
  • MarCheck
  • MarCheck connection cable
  • Measuring anvils for internal measurements from 15 mm to 100 mm and external measurements from 0 mm to 100 mm
  • Measuring anvils for external measurements, planar diameter of 6.5 mm
Weight4.50 lbs
Dimensions10.24 × 7.09 × 2.00 in
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