Alameda Plug Gages – M5.0 X .80

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Recommended that you purchase a setting plug gage as it’s required to calibrate your ring gage. If you need assistance, feel free to contact us.

Standard Plug Gages

Alameda Thread Gages are manufactured per ANSI/ASME B1.2 and B1.16M, and are stocked in class X tolerance. We offer UNC, UNF and UNEF inch gages in class 1B, 2B, 3B, and 6H in metric. For UNJ and MJ, add $10 to plug price. Standard plug gages are offered in taperlock, trilock and reversible styles. Taperlock gages are popular due to their convenience of replacing members. Trilock handles are used for diameters larger than 1.5 inches, and as these diameters are larger and heavier, are often used as single-end handles to reduce weight and ease handling during use. While always safest to replace worn gages, Trilock gages may also be reversed to extend useful life in those specific applications where the worn portion would not enter the product. Desirable for high volume inspection applications, reversible gages may be flipped end-for-end, concealing a worn end inside the handle. In this way the user enjoys double the lifetime in a single gage. For long form certification, add $15 per standard thread plug gage.

STI Gages

Helical coil or Screw Thread Insert Gages (STI) are used to inspect those threaded holes intended to receive a screw-thread insert. Typically used for repair of damaged threads or for a more serviceable thread, if the threaded hole gages correctly, then the threaded hole created by the installed insert will likewise be correct. Although typically X-tolerance, many sizes of W-tolerance are also available from stock for a 35% additional price.

Standard Ring Gages

Alameda manufacturers Unified Series class 1A, 2A, and 3A ring gages, set with W-tolerance setting plug gages. Many specials and Left hand in stock. For standard ring gages, Long Form Certification is available starting at $20 per member. For UNJ Class 3A, add $75 to Go Ring price. Other classes of fit and specials quoted upon request. Ring holders are available for convenient positioning of Go/NoGo Ring sets.

Setting Plug Gages

Setting plug gages are used to calibrate adjustable style ring gages and are manufactured to X tolerance in class 1A, 2A, and 3A. Unified Series setting plugs are available in UNC, UNF, and UNEF. Metric setting plugs are available in 6g. Our standard setting plug gages are class W tolerance on lead, flank, angles, straightness and X tolerance on pitch diameter. For W-tolerance pitch diameter, add 35% to member price. Long Form Certification is available starting at $15 per member.

Hi-Low Setting Plugs

By including two diameters on each member, these setting plugs allow for efficient surveillance of ring gage calibration. Hi-Low setting plug gages are available on request.

Standard Inch Member Go/No Go Set Handle or Holder
Taperlock Plug 6H $51.00 $118.00 $16.00
Reversible Plug 6H $63.00 $147.00 $21.00
Ring 6g $147.00 $294.00 $26.00
Setting Plug 6g $112.00 $240.00 $160.00
STI Plug 4H5H $68.00 $152.00 $16.00
Standard Metric

Taperlock Plug 6H, Reversible Plug 6H, Ring 6g, Setting Plug 6g, STI Plug 4H, STI Plug 5H

Part or Set

Member, Go/No Go Set, Handle or Holder

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