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Deltronic Micro Ball Sets – Imperial and Metric Sets


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Deltronic Micro Ball Sets

Chrome alloy steel balls, plus/minus .0001" diameter, .000.025" sphericity.

  1. Checking micrometers at the exact spot for wear, as shown at point 'A,' where Micro Balls are ground and lapped to a sphericity of .000025 inches.
  2. Checking wall thickness from the inside curve to the flat on the outside end.
  3. In turning and grinding, where shoulder locations with respect to each other or to a common end are held close (.001”), it is imperative that the depth of the center drill be maintained. Choose a Micro Ball that is tangent to a center and measure overall as 'A' or indicate the distance as 'B.'
  4. Checking the depth of valve seats, ways, slots, etc.
  5. For boring of collets, select a set of Micro Balls that match the width of slots on the collet. Coat the Micro Balls with grease or Vaseline before inserting. Close the collet and bore."

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Inches, Metric

Nominal Sizes

Model 900, Model 901, Metric Set

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