Deltronic Thousandth Step (.001”) Pin Gage Sets – THS25

Starting at $248.00

The selection of sizes in a THS25 Gage-Set allows you to qualify the actual finished size of a hole to the nearest even thousandth. The selection is ideal for accurate functional measurement of holes. For Screw Machine Shops, General Machine Shops, and Precision Sheet Metal Shops, an inventory of THS25 sets, covering common hole sizes, provides a comprehensive gage selection and accurate hole measuring capability at a low cost per gage.

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Exceptional Flexibility of Sets

The range of gages, in each set, offer hundreds of combinations for qualifying hole sizes in or around the nominal size. You can choose any combination of GO/NO-GO tolerances, or use the range to find the exact size of a hole. They provide standards for zeroing comparators, setting snap gages, micrometer checking, hole center and layout determination, precision arbors for staging parts and/or checking runout of blanks.

Many plants, in consideration of the virtually unlimited applications and low sets costs, have provided duplicate sets to each department concerned with cylindrical gaging requirements. In doing this, they have established, for all their Q.C., Prototype, Receiving, and Production functions, a single, common, gage tolerance!

Single, Certified Tolerance

All Deltronic Class “X” Gage sets contain a “Certificate of Accuracy” that unconditionally guarantees: (a) each gage to be within a size tolerance of plus .000040”, minus nothing; (b) surface finish approximately one microinch; (c) both ends concentric to one another; and (d) specifies NIST traceability through gage blocks calibrated directly by NIST.

Wide Selection of Sets

Over 10,000 sets are available from Deltronic’s stock of finished gages in every .0001” size from .0040” thru 1.0120”. Hole sizes common to every segment of the metal working industry have dictated the nominal sizes of stock sets in increments of .001”, .0005”, and .0001” (i.e., in stock, .0001” increment sets nominals are every 64th fraction from 1/64 to 1”, and all Letter and Number drill sizes). Sets with other nominals may be purchased, in these increments, at the same prices as stock sets.

These same stock sets in multiples covering a wide range of most-used sizes are available in stock Gage-Libraries, which offer the low set prices plus free Stor-Gage metal cabinets.

Dust/Rust Protective Case Has Detailed Markings

The broad center strip of each set case is marked for location of the nominal gage and the exact slot location of each gage by increments. Each size-marked gage is easily located and replaced to maintain the order of the set.

The clear plastic lid of each set is labeled to identify: Set Type (THS25, TP25, etc.); Nominal Gage Size; Increments (.001”, .0005” or .0001”); and Limits of Range covered (smallest and largest sizes in set). The double label makes this information visible from both the front and top of the case.

Immediate Availability

All gages and gage sets are stocked by Deltronic for Same-Day-Shipment. And to ensure the day-by-day working integrity and availability of your set after purchase, Deltronic’s same commitment to inventory and prompt shipment means we can supply immediate replacements for worn or damaged gages from stock.

THS25 (.001” STEP) SETS

Nominal Sizes From Thru Price
0.0160” 0.0247” 347.00
0.0248” 0.1080” 248.00
0.1081” 0.3872” 252.00
0.3873” 0.6375” 264.00
0.6376” 0.8370” 363.00
0.8371” 1.0000” 429.00
Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 11 × 7 in
Nominal Sizes

0.0165” – 0.0247”, 0.0248” – 0.1080”, 0.1081” – 0.3872”, 0.3873” – 0.6375”, 0.6376” – 0.8370”, 0.8371” – 0.9995”

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