Ergoscope® ES-400 Stereo Zoom Microscope 6-50x

6-50X Zoom Stereo Microscope Head, Binocular, FOV 23mm, Working Distance 115mm, Zoom Ratio 1:8.3, Magnification Detent 1X per pre-set stop, Interpupillary Adjustment 55-75mm, Eyepiece size for eye tube: Dia. 30mm, Eye Tube Angle: 45 Degrees, Erect Image, Built-in Objective Magnification 1X, Body Mounting Size: 76mm


Body Optical SystemFinite
Body Magnification6-50X
Zoom Range0.6-5X
Zoom Ratio01:08.3
Zoom Operating ModeWith Two Horizontal Knobs
Observation MethodBinocular
Body Mounting Size for StandDia. 76mm
Magnification Detent1X per pre-set stop
Nosepiece Adapter Size for Ring LightDia. 60mm
Eye Tube Adjustment ModeCompensating
Eye Tube Angle45°
Erect/Inverted ImageErect Image
Eye Tube Rotatable360° Rotatable
Interpupillary Adjustment55-75mm
Eye Tube Inner DiameterDia. 30mm
Eye Tube Fixing ModeElastic Tube Locking
Eyepiece TypeStandard Eyepiece
Eyepiece Optical Magnification10x
Plan EyepiecePlan Eyepiece
Eyepiece Size for Eye TubeDia. 30mm
Eyepiece Field of ViewDia. 23mm
Eyepoint TypeHigh Eyepoint Eyepiece
Eyepiece Size for ReticleDia. 27mm
Eyepiece Diopter Correction±5°
Built-In Objective Magnification1X
Objective Working Distance115mm
Weight5 lbs
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