Ergoscope® ES-400 Zoom Stereo Microscope Head 6-50x


Ergoscope® ES-400 Zoom Stereo Microscope Head Specs

6-50X Zoom Stereo Microscope Head, Binocular, FOV 23mm, Working Distance 115mm, Zoom Ratio 1:8.3, Magnification Detent 1X per pre-set stop, Interpupillary Adjustment 55-75mm, Eyepiece size for eye tube: Dia. 30mm, Eye Tube Angle: 45 Degrees, Erect Image, Built-in Objective Magnification 1X, Body Mounting Size: 76mm

Ergoscope® ES-400 Zoom Stereo Microscope Head

About The Ergoscope® ES-400 Zoom Stereo Microscope Head

The Ergoscope® ES-400 Zoom Stereo Microscope Head is a high-quality and versatile instrument designed for professionals in various fields, including industrial, scientific, and educational settings. With its advanced features and ergonomic design, the ES-400 delivers exceptional performance and reliability.

Featuring a Zoom Range of 6-50X, the ES-400 Zoom Stereo Microscope Head provides a wide range of magnification options for detailed examination of specimens. The Zoom Ratio of 1:8.3 ensures smooth and precise zooming, allowing users to capture fine details with ease. The Magnification Detent of 1X per pre-set stop enables users to quickly and easily switch between magnification levels.

Equipped with a Binocular design, the ES-400 offers comfortable viewing with an Eye Tube Angle of 45 degrees and an Interpupillary Adjustment range of 55-75mm. The microscope is compatible with stands featuring a Body Mounting Size of 76mm, providing flexibility in positioning for various applications.

The ES-400 Zoom Stereo Microscope Head features an Eyepiece size for the Eye Tube of Dia. 30mm, providing a comfortable viewing experience. The Field of View of 23mm offers a wide field of vision for enhanced observation, while the Erect Image ensures accurate representation of specimens.

With a Built-in Objective Magnification of 1X and a Working Distance of 115mm, the ES-400 delivers sharp and clear images with excellent depth of field. The microscope’s ergonomic design and user-friendly features make it ideal for tasks requiring precise observation and analysis.

Overall, the Ergoscope® ES-400 Zoom Stereo Microscope Head is a reliable and versatile instrument that offers exceptional performance and reliability. Whether used in industrial, scientific, or educational settings, the ES-400 delivers high-quality imaging and precise observation capabilities, making it an indispensable tool for professionals seeking reliability and precision in their work.

Binocular Zoom Body

Binocular zoom body is the main body of a stereo microscope that has continuous zooming functions and observes with two eyepieces.

This body usually needs to be placed on a microscope stand for use. Generally, a variety of eyepieces and objective lenses with different magnifications can be selected. A high-end stereo microscope usually has a wide range of accessories for selection.

Objective Working Distance

The objective working distance is the vertical distance from the foremost surface end of the objective of the microscope to the object surface to be observed.
Generally, the greater the magnification, the higher the resolution of the objective, and the smaller the working distance, the smaller the field of view. Conversely, the smaller the magnification, the lower the resolution of the objective, and the greater the working distance, and greater the field of view.
High-magnification objectives (such as 80X and 100X objectives) have a very short working distance. Be very careful when focusing for observation. Generally, it is after the objective is in position, the axial limit protection is locked, then the objective is moved away from the direction of the observed object.
The relatively greater working distance leaves a relatively large space between the objective and the object to be observed. It is suitable for under microscope operation, and it is also easier to use more illumination methods. The defect is that it may reduce the numerical aperture of the objective, thereby reducing the resolution.

Body Optical System Finite
Body Magnification 6-50X
Zoom Range 0.6-5X
Zoom Ratio 01:08.3
Zoom Operating Mode With Two Horizontal Knobs
Observation Method Binocular
Body Mounting Size for Stand Dia. 76mm
Magnification Detent 1X per pre-set stop
Nosepiece Adapter Size for Ring Light Dia. 60mm
Eye Tube Adjustment Mode Compensating
Eye Tube Angle 45°
Erect/Inverted Image Erect Image
Eye Tube Rotatable 360° Rotatable
Interpupillary Adjustment 55-75mm
Eye Tube Inner Diameter Dia. 30mm
Eye Tube Fixing Mode Elastic Tube Locking
Eyepiece Type Standard Eyepiece
Eyepiece Optical Magnification 10x
Plan Eyepiece Plan Eyepiece
Eyepiece Size for Eye Tube Dia. 30mm
Eyepiece Field of View Dia. 23mm
Eyepoint Type High Eyepoint Eyepiece
Eyepiece Size for Reticle Dia. 27mm
Eyepiece Diopter Correction ±5°
Built-In Objective Magnification 1X
Objective Working Distance 115mm
As seen in Quality Magazine
Weight 5 lbs
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