Ergoscope® ESD-125C ESD Safe Microscope7X – 50X



Ergoscope® ESD-125C ESD Safe Microscope Specs

Finite. Total Magnification: 7-50X. 10X High Eyepoint Eyepiece. 1X Built-in Objective. Zoom Ratio: 1:7.1. Binocular. Body Mounting Size for Stand: Dia. 76mm. Eye Tube Angle: 45°. Eyepiece Field of View: Dia. 20mm. Post Stand. ESD Safe.

The Ergoscope® ESD-125 ESD Safe Microscope

About The Ergoscope® ESD-125C ESD Safe Microscope

The Ergoscope® ESD-125C ESD Safe Microscope is a cutting-edge instrument designed for professionals working in environments where Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection is critical, such as in the inspection of sensitive electronic components. This microscope offers a range of features that ensure both performance and safety.

With a Total Magnification range of 7-50X, the ESD-125C provides a wide range of magnification options for detailed examination of specimens. The Zoom Ratio of 1:7.1 allows for smooth and precise zooming, enabling users to capture fine details with ease.

The ESD-125C is equipped with a 10X High Eyepoint Eyepiece, which ensures clear and detailed observation. The Eyepiece Field of View of Dia. 20mm provides a wide field of vision for enhanced observation, while the Binocular design with an Eye Tube Angle of 45° offers comfortable viewing for extended periods.

The microscope is compatible with stands featuring a Body Mounting Size of Dia. 76mm, providing stability and flexibility in positioning for various applications. The included Post Stand adds to the stability of the microscope, ensuring precise and steady observation.

One of the key features of the ESD-125C is its ESD Safe design, which ensures that the microscope is safe to use in environments where Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection is critical. This feature is essential for preventing damage to sensitive electronic components during inspection.

Overall, the Ergoscope® ESD-125C ESD Safe Microscope is a high-quality instrument that offers both performance and safety in the inspection of sensitive electronic components. Its specialized design and features make it an essential tool for professionals working in industries where ESD protection is paramount.

ESD Safe

Static electricity is a charge that is at static or non-flowing state, and static electricity is formed when charges accumulate on an object or surface.

Static electricity can cause malfunction or mis-opeartion of electronic equipment, resulting in electromagnetic interference. In the electronics industry, static electricity can break down integrated circuits and precision electronic components, causing components to age, and can also absorb dust, causing contamination of integrated circuits and semiconductor components, and reducing production yield. In the plastics industry, static electricity can cause film or membrane not wining up uniformly, film and CD plastic discs contaminated with dust, thereby affecting quality. In industrial production, especially in electronic production and processing and inflammable and explosive production sites, electrostatic protection should be taken seriously.

ESD means “electro-static discharge.” For the methods of ESD treatment with respect to microscope and components, electrical conductivity of the metal should be utilized on the one hand, and on the other hand, electrostatic materials, electrostatic coating and other methods of treatment should be adopted to solve the electrostatic problem.

Electrostatic coating is to apply coat that can prevent static electricity. It has electrostatic discharge, dust-proof, mildew-proof, wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistance and other characteristics. The surface of the coating does not generate static electricity or the static electricity is discharged to the safe place through the conductor row.

On some components, electrostatic materials may be applied, such as the microscope knob handle, insulation mat, septum, microscope cover etc.

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