Ergoscope® ES-AA1202 Flexible Articulating Arm Microscope Stand, Heavy Duty Post Stand


Ergoscope® ES-AA1202 Flexible Articulating Arm Microscope Stand Specs

Flexible Arm. Boom Stand. Vertical Post Height: 384mm. Vertical Post Diameter: Dia. 37.2mm. Total Arm Length: 800mm. Mounting Hole on the Top of Horizontal Arm: 5/8 in. End Adapter. Base Dimensions: 330x330x38mm. Mount Adapter Size of Stand: Dia. 22.2mm.

Ergoscope® ES-AA1202 Flexible Articulating Arm Microscope Stand

About The Ergoscope® ES-AA1202 Flexible Articulating Arm Microscope Stand

The Ergoscope® ES-AA1202 is a revolutionary flexible articulating arm microscope stand designed to provide unparalleled flexibility and precision in your microscopy work. This heavy-duty post stand combines durability, stability, and versatility, making it the perfect choice for professionals and enthusiasts seeking a reliable and adaptable microscope stand.

The ES-AA1202 features a flexible arm with a total length of 800mm, allowing for precise positioning of your microscope. The boom stand design provides additional flexibility, enabling you to easily adjust the height and angle of your microscope to suit your specific needs. Whether you are conducting routine inspections or intricate research, the ES-AA1202 offers the stability and flexibility you need for precise and accurate observations.

One of the standout features of the ES-AA1202 is its heavy-duty post stand, which provides a stable and reliable base for your microscope. The vertical post has a height of 384mm and a diameter of Dia. 37.2mm, ensuring that your microscope remains steady and secure during use. The base of the stand measures 330x330x38mm, providing a solid foundation for your microscopy tasks.

The ES-AA1202 flexible articulating arm microscope stand comes with a mounting hole on the top of the horizontal arm, allowing you to easily attach your microscope. The end adapter ensures a secure connection between the arm and your microscope, providing stability and peace of mind during your observations.

The mount adapter size of the stand is Dia. 22.2mm, making it compatible with a wide range of microscopes. Whether you are using a compound microscope, stereo microscope, or digital microscope, the ES-AA1202 is designed to accommodate your specific requirements.

Enhance your microscopy capabilities with the Ergoscope® ES-AA1202, the ultimate flexible articulating arm microscope stand. Experience the difference in flexibility, precision, and stability that this exceptional stand offers. Whether you are working in a laboratory, research facility, or educational institution, the ES-AA1202 provides the performance and reliability you need to achieve the best results in your microscopy work.

Flexible Arm

Flexible arm is an arm or stand that imitates the human arm. It is a combination of several mechanical arm joints to complete the horizontal and vertical movement and freely adjust the focus position of the microscope. Flexible arm allows the microscope to move flexibly and freely over a wide range, and is also suitable for viewing larger objects.

The fixing method of the arm is usually optional, with strong interchangeability. Below the observation of the microscope there is an empty workbench, which can be used to place various kinds of platforms, work operating tables, tools, etc., and can be freely combined into different working positions.

In industrial places, most of the working positions are fixed. Sometimes, a lot of tools, equipment and instruments need to be placed in one working position. Because the microscope is relatively large in size and takes up also a relatively bigger space, and not convenient to move back and forth, therefore the flexible arm can be placed in a flexible position, and does not occupy the most commonly used workbench. When in use, the microscope can be moved over, and pushed to the side when not in use. This is very suitable for use in electronics factories, installation and maintenance, medical and animal anatomy, archaeology and other industries.

Flexible arm generally does not have a fixed focusing device, and you can choose a variety of flexible accessories.

When adjusting the height of the flexible articulating arm microscope stand, you need to use both hands at the same time, with one hand holding the microscope or the forearm of the stand, and the other adjusting the adjusting screw or spring mechanism that looses/tightens the arm. When releasing, pay attention to avoiding sudden sliding down.

Because one needs to ensure the flexibility of the arm or stand, there are many locking buttons in all directions. After the necessary locking buttons are adjusted, it must be ensured that each knob is in locked state to avoid sliding, tilting, and flipping of the microscope, thereby damaging the microscope and the items on the workbench.

Flexible arm has a mechanism of the hydraulic spring for adjusting the pre-tightening tension. When different microscopes weigh differently, these flexible arms can be adjusted to make the microscope more stable.

360° Degree Rotatable

The eyepiece of the microscope can have different viewing or observing directions. When the position of the microscope is uncomfortable, the direction of the eyepiece tube of the microscope can be adjusted, to facilitate observation and operation.

Placement method of different viewing angles of the microscope:
General direction: the support column is behind the object to be observed
Reverse direction: the support column is in front of the object to be observed
Lateral direction: the support column is on the side of the object to be observed
Rotating eyepiece tube, different microscopes may have different methods, for some, the direction is confirmed when installing the eyepiece tube of the microscope, for some, by rotating the body of the microscope, and for some, by rotating the support member on the support or holder of the microscope.

As seen in Quality Magazine
Weight 102 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 12 in
Vertical Post Height


Max Vertical Post Extended Length


Post Diameter


Base Dimensions

330mm x 330mm x 38mm

Net Weight


Total Arm Length


Max Arm Load


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