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The jacobs chuck pin vises, are suitable for holding round samples such as wire or tubing. Three sizes are available. Compatible with any force gauge or test stand.

Data Sheet – all grips

Used for securing round samples, fixtures, or bits. The jacobs chuck pin vises are typically used in force measurement applications, mounted to a force gauge or test stand. G1022-X is typically mounted to a Series TST torque test stands for torque measurement applications. Compatible with any force gauge or test stand.

Mark-10 G1010 Jacobs Chuck Pin Vises Specifications

G1010 Dimensions

Model Capacity
lbF [N]
lb [kg]
G1010-1 30
0.028 – 0.25
[0.7 – 6.3]
G1010 0.35
0.062 – 0.375
[1.6 – 9.5]
G1010-2 0.66
0.078 – 0.5
[2.0 – 12.7]

Optional Equipment

Swivel Adapter
Swiveling action provides proper sample alignment in pull testing applications.

Weight 0.66 lbs
Dimensions 2.33 × 1.38 × 1.38 in


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