Mark-10 G1027 G1034 V-Grooves


Use these Mark-10 V-Grooves for compression testing of round or odd shaped samples. Use them with a force gauge and a test stand for a complete testing system.

Data Sheet – all grips

Starting at $20.00$19.00

Use these Mark-10 V-Grooves from compression testing of round or odd-shaped samples.

Mark-10 G1027 G1034 V-Grooves Specifications

Mark-10 V-Groove Dimensions

lbF [N]
Weight lb [kg]AØBCD
G1027200 [1,000]0.004 [0.002]0.5 [12.7]0.25 [6.4]#10-32F0.08 [2.0]
G1034500 [2,500]0.040 [0.018]1.00 [25.4]0.50 [12.7]5/16-18F0.25 [6.4]
Weight0.040 lbs
Dimensions1.00 × 0.50 × 0.50 in
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