HT (.0005″ Step) Gage Libraries

Starting at $3,783.00

Call for Pricing on Calibration – Accredited and Non-Accredited Options Available


Seven comprehensive ranges of .0001” (tenth) increment gages satisfy a variety of typical requirements. Ranges begin with .0070” and end on popular fractions (1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, etc.). For instance, if your concern revolves around hole sizes of 1/8” or smaller, you can select the TP1193-L ranging from .0070” thru .1262”, offering every .0001” size gage (price: $12,807.00, which includes free steel Stor-Gage Cabinets). Each library provides 12 tenth steps beyond the end fraction, allowing flexibility of measurement around that fraction.

HT (.0005” step) GAGE-LIBRARIES:

HT Half Thousands Gage-Libraries are available in .0005” increments across seven ranges within a size coverage from .0040” thru 1.0050”.


When gaging requirements involve functional hole inspection with tolerances in thousandths, qualifying rejects for potential rework, or needing immediately available cylindrical standards providing a master gage within 2 tenths of the desired size for comparator settings, these Certified HT Gage-Libraries, composed of Class “X” Deltronics in .0005” increments, meet your needs. Even for less exacting tolerances, the low Deltronic price justifies investing in an HT Gage-Library, offering a solution for future gaging problems without production or inspection delays.

Library Ranges

.0260" – .2055", .0260" – .3855", .0260" – .5055", .0260" – .6255", .0260" – .7575", .0260" – 1.0095"

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