Inspection Arsenal SPV-JAW-V Spanner-Vise™ V-Jaws – 1 pair (Inch or Metric)


The V-Jaws are specifically engineered to securely hold shafts and rounds ranging from .500″ to 1.625″ in diameter. This remarkable capability ensures compatibility with a wide variety of part sizes, making it an ideal choice for diverse inspection needs.

Spanner-Vise not included.

The V-Jaws provide a secure and stable grip on shafts and rounds in the .500″ to 1.625″ diameter range, ensuring precise and accurate measurements during inspections.

Made from soft aluminum; the V-Jaws offer excellent machinability, enabling effortless modifications to adapt to different part geometries, thereby maximizing versatility.

The V-Jaws seamlessly integrates with the Spanner-Vise™ and Spanner-Vise™ Versatile Assembly, enhancing its functionality and easily expanding the range of work holding options for inspectors.

Spanner-Vise not included.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in
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