J-20 Universal Punch Concentricity Gage

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All Universal Punch concentricity gauges are built-to-order and custom made in the USA. Typical production times are between 3 to 6 weeks. Please call for updated lead times and available stock.

Note: If your part dimensions are not available on this page, please don’t hesitate to reach us. We have many concentricity gauge adjustments and customizations available. We can tailor to your needs!

Part Diameter Capacity: 3/8” – 2” (10 – 50 mm)
Part Length Capacity: 0.18” – 6” (4.7 – 152 mm)
Gage Length: 7” (178mm)
Gage Width: 5” (127mm)
Gage Height: 5.5” appx. (140mm)

J-20 Universal Punch Concentricity Gages are comprised of three main components for assembly:

  • Standard or Precision Accuracy (selectable below)
  • Main Rollers (selectable below)
  • Indicator(s) and/or other accessories (linked below)

Universal Punch concentricity gauges come with everything pictured EXCEPT the indicators and the main rollers. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Gauge Info:

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Model J-20 Variable Speed Motor Assembly

Includes Base Plate, 12”/292mm; 24VDC / 0-10rpm

Model J-20 Concentricity Gage

Model Description: Surface Plate or Comparator Gage / 10-50mm

J-20 Standard Concentricity Gage, Accuracy ≤ 4µm (.00016”)
J-20P Precision Gold Concentricity Gage, Accuracy ≤ 2µm (.00008”)

Part Diameter Capacity: 3/8” – 2” (10 – 50 mm)
Part Length Capacity: 0.18” – 6” (4.7 – 152 mm)
Gage Length: 7” (178mm)
Gage Width: 5” (127mm)
Gage Height: 5.5” appx. (140mm)

Accurate and reliable measurements are a key factor in today’s competitive manufacturing environment. Universal Punch’s patented Concentricity Gaging Systems offer less than 2 microns accuracy that has proven results in a variety of industrial applications. Continuous improvements to its modular design adapts to customer requirements and provides the flexibility necessary for maintaining quality.

There are two classifications calibrated and directly traceable to (N.I.S.T.). Standard Black Gages are guaranteed to be better than ≤ 4µm (.00016″) accuracy. Precision Gold Gages are guaranteed better than ≤ 2µm (.00008”) accuracy.


  • Adjustable multi-position top arm yoke assembly offers a variety of clamping pressures and positions to accommodate a range of part diameter sizes.
  • All standard indicator carriers have fine adjustment screws that provide accurate indicator probe positioning, zeroing and provide smooth indicator movement to increase measuring performance and accuracy.
  • All gages come standard with a manual drive timing belt pulleys system that provides a constant smooth part rotation when inspecting. (Optional) 110/220 volts AC/DC fixed speed or variable speed motorized drive systems are available.
  • All carriers offer a variety of positions that move along the Z-axis of the carrier rod assembly. The carrier tilts 90 degrees to facilitate easy loading and unloading of parts.

Variable Speed Motor Assembly

Includes Base Plate, 12”/292mm.

The standard option price upgrades to a Variable Speed Drive System, 24VDC / 0-10rpm. The AXU Series combines a compact, brushless AC/DC motors with a built in speed control unit.

Where applications require hands-free for rotation, Universal has motorized accessories that adapt to all the gage models. Motorized Variable speed controlled motor installation includes; new base, on/off switch harness, forward/reverse switch, variable speed gearbox, and motor. To order, choose appropriate upgrade and transformer.

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 11 in
Part Diameter

Part Length

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