Kafer Dial Test Indicators

Modern methods are utilized in the production of Kafer’s high quality Dial Test Indicators. These indicators are sensitive and shock-resistant.

All bodies are hard-chromed to be as resistant as possible to wear and tear.

Precise gauging on moving parts always is only ensured (especially for a long distance) if resistant contact points are used. The small ball on the contact points is made of carbide.

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in
Dial Test Indicators

531-K30/1: 0.01 mm Reading, 1.0 mm Range, 0-50-0 Dial Reading, 16.6 mm Probe, Bezel Ø 32 mm, 531-K30Z: 0.0005" Reading, 0.030" Range, 0-15-0 Dial Reading, 0.467" Probe, Bezel Ø 1-1/4", 531-K33: 0.01 mm Reading, 0.5 mm Range, 0-25-0 Dial Reading, 35.7 mm Probe, Bezel Ø 32 mm, 531-K40Z: 0.020" Reading, 0.0005" Reading, 0-40-0 Dial Reading, Horizontal Type, 531-K40: 0.01 mm Reading, 0.8 mm Range, 0-40-0 Dial Reading, 12.8 mm Probe, Bezel Ø 32 mm, 531-K43Z: 0.020" Range, 0.0005" Graduation, Horizontal Type, Long Stylus, 531-K43: 0.5 mm Range, 0.01 mm Graduation, Horizontal Type, 531-K44Z: 0.020" Range, 0.0005" Graduation, Parallel Type, Long Stylus, 531-K44: 0.5 mm Range, 0.01 mm Graduation, Parallel Type, 531-K47Z: 0.008" Range, 0.0001" Graduation, Parallel Type, 531-K47: 0.2 mm Range, 0.002 mm Graduation, Parallel Type, 531-K46Z: 0.0001" Reading, 0.008" Range, 0-4-0 Dial Reading, 0.511" Probe, Bezel Ø 1-9/16", 531-K46: 0.2 mm Range, 0.002 mm Graduation, Horizontal Type, 531-K49: 0.001mm Reading, 0.2 mm Range, 0-100-0 Dial Reading, 12.8mm Probe, Bezel Ø 40 mm

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