Mahr MarSurf M 310 Surface Roughness Tester Set




MarSurf M 310

Art. no. 6910260

MarSurf M 310 SET – 2 µm comprising: – MarSurf M 310 basic unit – Drive unit (detachable) – 1 default probe PHT6-350, standard 2 µm stylus tip – Built-in rechargeable battery – Roughness standard, integrated in housing (detachable) including Mahr calibration certificate – Probe protection (V-block holder) – Probe protection with v-block attachment – Height adjustment (integrated) – Charger / 3 mains adapters – Operating instructions – Carry case with shoulder strap – USB cable – Hand-held support with height adjustment (pair) – Extension cable to drive unit (length 1.2 m)

For those who need more. The MarSurf M 310 has the same functions as the PS 10, but offers you crucial, additional functions.

Mobile roughness measurements with added value

  • Simple and intuitive to use: as easy as using a smartphone
  • Large, illuminated 4.3″ TFT touch display
  • Specification of the cutting line C in μm or in % of Rz for the characteristic values Rmr and tp
  • Removable drive unit
  • 31 thread parameters
  • Work without errors, thanks to integrated, removable roughness standard
  • Automatic cutoff selection, so even non-specialists can be sure of getting the correct measuring results

Advanced interface diversity

  • Micro USB interface for remote control via ASCII commands, e.g. via software for statistical process control
  • USB-A interface – for connection e.g. of a USB Bluetooth adapter or USB/Bluetooth printer
  • Transfer of measurement protocols and data optionally via Bluetooth or cable
  • IATF 16949 compliant – Secure traceability with MarConnect

Easy documentation

  • Print directly to the mobile printer (as an option or directly in the set with printer)
  • Data backup as TXT, X3P, CSV and PDF file
  • Creation of finished PDF protocols directly in the measuring device
  • Custom comments for the PDF protocol are entered directly on the MarSurf M 310
  • Display and print MRK and ADK curve
  • Save over 1000 measuring programs (Quick & Easy)

MarSurf M 310 PC

Art. no. 6910295

MarSurf M 310 PC comprising: – MarSurf M 310 roughness measuring instrument set including PHT-6 350 probe, charger, hand-held support, USB cable, case – MarWin EasyRoughness mobile software for MarSurf M 310 comprising: – R-profile and parameters – W-profile and parameters – P-profile and parameters – Motif profile and parameters – Rk profile and parameters – Tolerance monitoring – Measuring record – Statistics – Measuring assistant level 2 – User administration – Automatic export (by user, profile information, workpiece etc.) – Free measuring record design – mpr programs, starting from function keys – Interactive zoom, virtual rulers – Measuring assistant level 3 – Programming of automatic processes – Multiple measurements

MarSurf M 310 PC version with MarWin EasyRoughness software

Cleverly combined: MarSurf M 310 and MarWin

  • Together with the MarWin Easy Roughness software, the new MarSurf M 310 can be used as a drive unit.
    Several devices can be connected to the software at the same time and operated independently of each other via the function keys.

Extended interface diversity

  • To do this, it is simply connected to the computer via cable or Bluetooth wireless technology.
    Combined use allows you to combine the handiness of the Mahr M 310 with the extended scope of use of the software. This allows you to evaluate even more parameters and analyze your measurement results in the best possible way without sacrificing flexibility and ease of use.

Highlights at a glance

  • Start program sequences via Start function keys
  • More than 80 characteristic values for R-, P-, W-profile according to current ISO/JIS or MOTIF (ISO 12085) standards selectable
  • Predefined, standardized parameters and curves for fast and safe operation
  • automatic export of profile files, results files and logs in PDF format
  • interactive zoom for defining a profile range to be evaluated and recalculating selected parameters
  • Multiple measurements with segmented measurements
  • User management for logging in and managing users with different rights
Weight 2.00 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 2 in
Measuring Range

350 μm


Skidded probe system 2 μm probe tip, Skidded probe system 5 μm probe tip

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