Ergoscope® ES-2000 Microscope Track Stand with Ring Light, LED Light Base (Dimmable), 280mm Track Length


Ergoscope® ES-2000 Microscope Track Stand with Ring Light Specs

Track Stand. Dia. 76mm Scope Holder. Track Length: 280mm. Base Dimensions: 280x240x25mm. Focus Distance: 105mm. Clear Glass Plate. Plate Size: Dia. 140x6mm. Illumination Type: LED Transmitted Light. Top Illumination: Ring Light. Input Voltage AC 100-240V 50/60Hz. Output Voltage: DC 12V. Power Cord Connector Type: USA 2 Pins.

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Ergostand ES-2000 Microscope Trackstand with Ring Light

About The Ergoscope® ES-2000 Microscope Track Stand with Ring Light

Introducing the Ergostand Ergoscope® ES-2000, the ultimate microscope track stand with ring light designed to enhance your microscopy experience. This advanced track stand is meticulously crafted to provide exceptional stability and precise adjustments, ensuring that your microscope is always perfectly positioned for optimal viewing.

The Ergostand ES-2000 features a robust track stand with a 76mm scope holder, accommodating a wide range of microscope models for maximum versatility. The 280mm track length allows for smooth and accurate positioning of your microscope, enabling you to effortlessly adjust it to the desired focal point.

One of the standout features of this microscope track stand is its LED transmitted light illumination, which offers bright and consistent lighting for your specimens. In addition to the LED base, the ES-2000 is equipped with a top ring light, providing superior illumination from above. This dual-lighting system ensures that your samples are evenly lit from all angles, enhancing visibility and detail.

The base of the Ergostand ES-2000 measures 280x240x25mm, providing a stable and spacious platform for your microscopy work. With a focus distance of 105mm, this trackstand allows for precise focusing, making it ideal for detailed observations and imaging. The clear glass plate, with a size of dia. 140x6mm, offers a durable and reliable surface for your samples, ensuring clarity and stability during examination.

Operating on an input voltage of AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, the ES-2000 is designed for compatibility with various power sources. The output voltage of DC 12V ensures efficient and safe operation of the lighting systems. The power cord connector type is USA 2 pins, providing a secure and stable connection for uninterrupted use.

The Ergostand ES-2000 is the perfect choice for professionals and enthusiasts seeking a high-quality microscope track stand with ring light. Its combination of advanced features, including the dual illumination system and precise focusing capabilities, makes it an invaluable tool in laboratories, research facilities, and educational institutions.

Whether you are conducting intricate research, educational demonstrations, or detailed inspections, the Ergostand ES-2000 provides the reliability and performance you need. Enhance your microscopy setup with the Ergostand Ergoscope® ES-2000, the premier microscope track stand with ring light, and experience the difference in quality and precision.

Track Stand

Throughout the focusing range, the track stand moves up and down along the guide rail through the focusing mechanism to achieve the purpose of focusing the microscope. This kind of structure is relatively stable, and the microscope is always kept moving up and down vertically along a central axis. When the focus is adjusted, it is not easy to shake, and there is no free sliding phenomenon. It is a relatively common and safe and reliable accessory.

The size of the stand is generally small, flexible and convenient, and most of them are placed on the table for use, Therefore, together with the post stand, it is also called “desktop or table top stand”.

With regard to the height of the stand, most manufacturers usually do not make it very high. If the guide rail is long, it is easy to deform, and relatively more difficult .

Stand Type Track Stand
Holder Adapter Type Dia. 76mm Scope Holder
Track Length 280mm
Base Type Illumination Base
Base Shape Fan-Shape
Stand Throat Depth 120mm
 Base Dimensions 280x240x25mm
Focus Mode Manual
Focus Distance 105mm
Coarse Focus Distance per Rotation 22mm
Focusing Knob Tightness Adjustable Tightness Adjustable
Illumination Type LED Transmitted Light
Top Illumination Ring Light
Top Illumination Type LED
Bottom Illumination Type LED
Input Voltage AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Power Cord Connector Type USA 2 Pins
Power Cable Length 1.1m
As seen in Quality Magazine
Weight 9.5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 16 in

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