Optical Comparator R400-GXL Series 30



FT2 Model Shown

GXL: Incorporates geometric functions for skew alignment, circle, Line, angle and radius measurement. Pitch circle diameter and construction of intersection points etc. Tolerancing and simple reporting also included. Horizontal projector with QC200 geometric readout

Baty R400 – Profile Projector

  • 400mm (16″) screen with 90º crosslines and chart clips
  • Machine slotted, chrome plated, cast iron workstage
  • Profile illumination with halogen lamp and green filter
  • Profile illumination with fan cooled lamphouse
  • Collimation lens
  • Lens magnification: 10x  choice Options: 20x, 25x, 50x and 100x
  • Surface illumination (fibre optic)
  • Helix adjustment of light source for accurate thread form projection
  • Workstage with two machined slots for holding accessories
  • Workstage measuring range of 300mm (12″) x 150mm (6″)
  • Digital angle measurement, with 1 minute of arc resolution
  • 10x lens included
  • 0.5 micron resolution

The Baty R400 bench mount profile projector with its 400mm screen combines high accuracy non-contact measurement and inspection with a large 300mm x 150mm measuring range.

Projector TypeR400
Field of view40201684
Working Distance8238705343
Working Diameter179176181147122
R400 Lens Working Capacity mm / (inches)
Field of view40 (1.5)20 (0.78)16 (0.63)8 (0.31)4 (0.15)
Working distance80 (3.15)82 (3.23)70 (2.76)53 (2.09)43 (1.69)
Max work diameter
(Full field)
184 (7.24)184 (7.24)184 (7.24)184 (7.24)184 (7.24)
Max work diameter
(Half field)
178.5 (7.03)176.1 (6.93)181 (7.13)147 (5.79)122.5 (4.82)
Maximum work piece height185 (7.28)
Basic Machine
TypeBench standing with horizontal light path
ScreenRotating 400mm diameter, vertically mounted, with hood
ImageErect, reversed left to right
Power supply220 / 240 volt 50Hz or 110 volt 60Hz
Weight120kg (264lb)
Packed weightR400: 177Kg Stand: 45Kg
R400 packed dims1210mm x 820mm x 1470mm
Stand dims1040mm x 680mm x 950mm
Measuring rangeHorizontal (X) axis travel 300mm (12″)
Vertical (Y) axis travel 150mm (6″)
Surface area480mm (19″) x 127 (15″) with 2 slots for mounting accessories
Scale resolution0.0005mm
MovementManual with ultra smooth plain rod drive and quick release on X axis
400MX motorised X and Y axes with joystick control (optional)
400CNC automatic position control and measurement (optional)
Optical System
Lens mountSingle, quick change snap-fit mounting
Lens magnificationx10, x20, x25, x50, x100,
FocussingBy hand wheel
Magnification accuracyProfile 0.05%. Surface 0.1%
Helix adjustment± 7° by light source alignment
Light sourceProfile illumination 12v 100w lamp (tungsten halogen)
Surface illumination 12v 100w lamp (tungsten halogen)
Surface illuminationTwin adjustable fibre optic light guides


Choice of digital readouts and automatic profile edge detection. The horizontal light path configuration is ideal for checking machined components that can be secured to the workstage using a range of optional accessories from the Baty fixture
family. The robust design of the R400 makes it suitable for both the shop floor and standards room.

Prices can change without notice.

Weight264 lbs
Dimensions24 × 36 × 48 in
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