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The QC-200 digital readout can support up to four axes, and functions as a measuring computer for 2-D geometries. It’s mainly suited for optical comparators, measuring microscopes, and 2-D measuring machines.


  • Measurement of two-dimensional features (2-D)
  • Point measurement with crosshairs
  • Programming of features and parts
  • Measure Magic: automatic recognition of geometries
  • Graphic display of measurement results
  • Entry of tolerances
  • Measurement series with min/max value storage
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The QC-200 digital readout has a monochrome flat-panel screen for displayed values, dialogs and inputs, graphics functions and soft keys. The robust, die-cast aluminum enclosure meets the demands of metrology and production control.

QC-200 Graphic Display

Graphic Display

In addition to the position values, the QC-200 also displays the features graphically. Along with the individual measuring points, the geometrical and arithmetical deviations are also shown. Furthermore, for circles the maximum inscribed circles and minimum circumscribed circles are shown

QC-200 Tolerances


You can apply tolerance values to any feature. Only those tolerances actually possible are offered for the selected feature. This means that a point can only be assigned a tolerance check for its position, whereas a circle can be assigned position and shape tolerances.

QC-200 Defining Features

Defining Features

You can use the QC-200 to define features yourself. For example, this could be a circle whose postion and dimensions are exactly defined, or an alignment line that is at a specified angle to a measurable line.

QC-200 Measure Magic

Measure Magic

The Measure Magic function recognizes the geometric pattern based on the distribution of the measuring points, and automatically calculates which feature it is, such as a point, line or circle.

QC-200 Interface Options

QC-200 Inteface Options

Weight 11.00 lbs

2 (XY)


5.7" monochrome flat-panel display for position values, dialogs and inputs, graphics functions and soft keys.

Error compensation

Linear, and segmented linear over up to 150 points, Squareness calibration, Matrix compensation over up to 30 x 30 points

Data Interface

RS-232, USB

Other connections

Foot switch for two functions, or remote keypad, Optical edge finder (only if the option is selected)


Foot switch, remote keypad, fiber-optic cables, holder, demo part, protective cover

Operating temperature

0 °C to 45 °C


IP 00, front panel IP 40


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