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The QC-300 is an advanced digital readout with an enhanced, color touch-screen interface. It includes patented Measure Magic technology and is ideal for the measurement 2-D and 3-D features.


  • Measurement of two-dimensional and three dimensional features (3-D)
  • Points measured via crosshairs or rigid probing element
  • Automatic point measurement via touch probe
  • Programming of features and parts
  • Measure Magic: automatic recognition of geometries
  • Graphic display of measurement results, either three-dimensional or in the three projection planes
  • Entry of tolerances
  • Five coordinate systems can be stored
  • Touch-probe management for the various stylus shapes
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The QC-330 digital readout supports four axes: in addition to the linear axes XYZ it features an auxiliary axis Q solely for angular display. The readout is designed specifically for manual coordinate measuring machines and can capture two and three dimensional features with its measuring computer functionality.

QC-200 Graphic Display

Clearly structured display

The large, color, flat-panel touchscreen enables simple operation with intuitive operator guidance, since in each mode only those functions actually available are offered for selection. The numeric keypad and the few basic function keys are located in ergonomically favorable positions.

QC-200 Tolerances

Measuring 3-D contours

In addition to the flat geometric features, such as points, lines, circles, etc. you can also use the QC-330 to measure 3-D shapes, e.g. cylinders or cones. The screen displays the feature in three dimensions. Colored highlighting of each masuring point lets you identify form errors and any filtered measured values at a glance. The QC-330 also permits 3-D position and form tolerances, such as flatness and parallelism.

QC-200 Defining Features

Working with the touch probe

The QC-330 also supports you optimally while working with touch probes. You can instantaneously call commerical probing elements (normal stylus, star stylus), as well as rigid and tiltable probing heads, all of which are managed in a libraray, via the touchscreen. During probing it automatically takes the direction of probing into account, as well as the length and diameter of the stylus. Even complex parts can be rapidly measured with the five availabe coordinate systems.

QC-200 Measure Magic

Point measurement

The QC-330 probes the measuring points via the touch probe of the coordinate measuring machine. A triggering 3-D touch probe is connected directly to the evaluation electronics, and the measured value is transferred automatically. With a rigid probing element the measured value must be transferred by pressing a key. You can use the comprehensive input menu to define numerous parameters.

QC-330 Interface Options

QC-330 Interface Options

Weight 11.00 lbs

4 (XYZQ)


8.4" color flat-panel display (touchscreen); resolution: SVGA 800 x 600 pixels, for position values, dialogs and inputs, graphics functions and soft keys

Error compensation

Linear, and segmented linear over up to 1000 points, Squareness calibration, Matrix compensation over up to 30 x 30 points

Data Interface

RS-232, USB

Touch-probe connection

HEIDENHAIN, or Renishaw touch probe

Other connections

Foot switch for two functions


Mounting base, foot switch, 3-D demo part, protective cover

Operating temperature

0 °C to 45 °C


Tilting base or mounting base


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