THS (.001″ Step) Gage Libraries – Widest Coverage at Lowest Prices

Starting at $3,783.00

Call for Pricing on Calibration – Accredited and Non-Accredited Options Available

THS Gage-Libraries provide .001” step coverage by full thousandths (.030”, .031”, .032”, etc.), offering the broadest coverage with the least number of gages. The widest THS range, from .030” through 1.012”, is covered by 983 gages. Selective coverage is also available. For instance, if your production is primarily focused on holes under 1/2”, a THS483-L Library includes 483 gages ranging from .030” through .512” in every thousandth step.


The combination of low per gage cost, broad thousandths step coverage, and Class “X” precision makes these Gage-Library combinations an ideal choice as cylindrical setting standards. They ensure constant availability of a cylindrical ‘master’ within .0005” of a desired ‘zero’ dimension.

With the dial spread of an electronic amplifier or dial indicator, you can effectively zero and measure any cylindrical part within the range of the THS Gage-Library you purchase.

Direct functional hole measurement for screw machine production, precision sheet metal work, drilling applications, and many other types of rough machining operations are ideally performed using ‘X’ standards in these combinations.”

Library Ranges

.030” – .387”, .030” – .512”, .030” – .637”, .030” – .762”, .513” – 1.012”, .638” – 1.012”, .030” – 1.012”

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