TP (.0001″ Step) Master Reference Gage Libraries

Starting at $12,807.00

Call for Pricing on Calibration – Accredited and Non-Accredited Options Available


Proven in concept, Master-Reference Gage-Libraries offer an unlimited Class “X” gaging capability as an in-plant resource. Covering your specific range of hole sizes with every tenth (.0001”) step, these single-tolerance gages anticipate every size and accuracy requirement.

Several progressive and well-recognized companies have already installed Deltronic Master-Reference Gage-Libraries.


Usually, these Master-Reference Gage-Libraries are centrally located, often within a standards or inspection facility. Serving as the source of cylindrical gages for multiple departments within the plant, they eradicate duplications and delays commonly experienced while obtaining gages to fulfill numerous small orders for individual department requirements. These libraries ensure a continuous availability of cylindrical masters for setting various measuring tools to precise dimensions, checking a variety of hole sizes in prototype parts, hole spacing, layout work, and more.”

Library Ranges

.0070" – .1262", .0070" – .2512", .0070" – .3762", .0070" – .5012", .0070" – .7512"

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