TPF Fractional (.0001″ Step) Gage Libraries

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TPF Fractional (.0001″ step) Gage Libraries

TPF Libraries consist of 25 gage sets, with each set comprising a center fractional nominal and 12 gages. These gages are arranged in .0001” steps, ranging both downward from the fractional nominal and upward by 12 steps.


Good design engineering typically involves hole sizes dimensioned for standard cutting tools. TPF Gage-Libraries are tailored to measure around these dimensions, often fractional sizes. A review of workpiece drawings will guide the selection of the TPF Gage-Library that best suits your needs.

Applications become nearly limitless when ‘X’ standards are readily available; these include qualifying hole sizes to within .0001” around fractional diameters, zeroing comparators, setting snap gages, precision arbors, hole layout and spacing, micrometer checking, etc.

Library Ranges

1/16" – 1", 1/32" – 1", 1/64" – 1"

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