Why SEEBREZ® Video Measuring System

Seebrez® automated, multi-sensor measuring systems are high accuracy metrology systems specifically designed for measurement and inspection of manufactured components. All Seebrez® systems support video, touch-probe and laser sensors for the most complete high accuracy measurements possible on a single system.

What Makes the SEEBREZ® Video Measuring System Stand Out From Others?

  • Each SEEBREZ® Video Measuring System is built on surface plate quality granite not a cast base like our competitors, providing a solid foundation second to none.
  • All our stage components start out as aircraft grade stress relieved 6061-T6 aluminum, not sheet metal or castings which is commonly used.
  • Our X,Y,Z axis use precision cross roller bearings manufactured in the USA, not foreign monorail ball bearings which you'll find do not match up to the life expectancy or accuracy of our cross roller bearings.
  • Our unique arch design minimizes cantilever of the optics. Which maintain the best offset bearing to optics ratio across our full range of stage sizes. Our competitors exceed our ratio by 20% to 200%.
  • Our state of the art DC light sources produce a true image of your part or feature in realistic view. We place our light sources at a comfortable distance to minimize any heat build up that could compromise our systems integrity.
  • Finally our systems utilize a unique calibrated optical assembly designed specifically to provide the user with a dynamic sharp color image.
SEEBREZ® Video Measuring System

What Kind of Performance Can You Expect From a SEEBREZ® Video Measuring System?

There are many measurement techniques that offer high accuracy, but few combine precision and high throughput like the SEEBREZ ®. QCSI's combination of high-speed platforms, sensors, and robust metrology software offers gage-capable measurements at production rates. QCSI also has the experience in integrating metrology systems into electronics and precision component manufacturing to ensure high reliability and usability in real world conditions.

Many suppliers will say, "We can measure that." Quality Control Solutions, Inc. will show you the speed and repeatability data to prove it.

How Will it Improve My Production Floor?

  • Accuracy automation eliminates bias regardless of who inspects the job; the inspection process remains the same.
  • Automation gives you the freedom to move people when they are needed the most, any level of inspector is able to inspect a job regardless of difficulty.
  • Production control of a repeated job is a single matter of recalling your program and telling your system to measure.
  • Each control allows you to capture tolerance and out put data the way you want it. Our PC based systems utilize Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) to talk directly to most 32 bit applications or simply send data real-time to Excel®.
SB666 SEEBREZ® Video Measuring System

No Matter The Situation, You're Covered

When you purchase a SEEBREZ® Video Measuring System, you're not only receiving a state of the art piece of equipment. But you also receive a responsive network of factory direct technicians that are ready to offer you outstanding user support, system maintenance and/or calibration.

Each new system is covered with a standard two year warranty on all hardware, and come with a comprehensive on site training package, with your parts.

Our strategic partnerships with key suppliers allow QCSI to provide free software upgrades for life. This gives you the customer piece of mind that your investment in technology today will not be obsolete tomorrow.

Quality Control Solutions, Inc. truly pays attention to the details, and strive to develop a partnership with each of our customers and enjoy working together to solve their dimensional and inspection requirements.

We Recognize That One Size Does Not Fit All Applications.

At QCSI, we recognize that one size does not fit all - one metrology platform or even one software solution is not best suited to every application. That's why we offer a full range of measuring platform sizes from 50mm up to 1200mm of measuring area.

To simplify things, we offer four unique metrology packages to let you have the capabilities and range that are right for your parts and your business, from simple linear measurements to the ultimate application specific functionality for complex parts, we've got your covered.

Plus have peace of mind knowing that your investment today will continue to meet the needs of tomorrow with lifetime software upgrades at no additional charge.

SB24246 SEEBREZ® Video Measuring System

We Understand The Complex Nature of Up Front Equipment Costs

At Quality Control Solutions, Inc. we recognize the complex but critical nature of up-front equipment cost, throughput, repeatability, operator training, maintenance requirements, and reliability must all be considered. Although QCSI systems may not always appear the lowest price in their class, when you add it all up, the difference is clear.

  • A system built to last
  • A system built to grow as needed
  • A system with software technology that continues to be updated with no additional cost
  • A system that comes with a standard two year warranty
  • A system that will improve your accuracy
  • A system that retains it's value
  • A direct relationship with the factory that is equipped to provide you with the support needed to make the most of your investment.

So as you can see, our SEEBREZ® Video Measuring System that can measure twice the parts in half the time, with repeatability and accuracy, not only saves you money, it lets you focus on your process and your customers. That's True Value.

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