The newly redesigned non-contact video measuring system from QCSI provides 2D measurements with 8″ x 4″ XY travel. The unique design allows for a maximum part measuring envelope of 8″ x 4″ x 4″ XYZ. SEEMIC combines a variety of the features and strengths of traditional optical comparator, tool makers microscope, and coordinate measuring machine in one small package.



Seebrez SB666
XYZ Stage Travel: 200 x 100 x 100 mm
(X,Y) Accuracy: E(1)=((.002+(4*L)/100/1000))mm
(X/Y) Accuracy: E(2)=((.003+(4*L)/100/1000))mm

Our SEEMIC 2D Non-Contact Video Measuring System are currently in use today, fulfilling the needs of manufacturing, quality control, and R&D organizations worldwide. SEEMIC combines a variety of the features and strengths of traditional optical comparators, tool makers microscopes, and CMM’s in one small easy to use solution.

Product Features


    • 6.5:1 zoom lens (18x – 206x optical magnificaiton)


    • High resolution color camera with 10″ mounted LCD monitor


    • Image capture on SD card with wired remote


    • Heavy duty design with a compact footprint


    • UV free profile and surface illumination


    • Non-contact linear encoders (.0005mm/.00002″ resolution)


    • Precision stage with cross roller bearings


    • Billet aircraft aluminum


    • 8″ x 4″ XY working stage


    • Solid granite base for superior machine stability


  • 2 Year Warranty


Available Options


Seemic Extended Z

Extended Z Axis

Column Riser for additional Z axis clearance for parts up to 8″ tall

Seemic Custom Concentricity Gage

Custom Concentricty Gauge

Allows for easy inspection of cylindrical parts

Seemic On Axis Light

On Axis Light

6.5:1 Lens. Through the lens illumination (on axis) for specular surface.

Seemic Lens Attachments

Lens Attachments

0.5x, 2x Lens Attachments for increase or decrease in magnification.

Seemic 12:1 zoom lens

12:1 Zoom Lens

12X Zoom lens offering the highest combination of zoom range and resolution. Ideal for high magnification applications.

Seemic Machine Stand

Custom Machine Stand

Custom machine stand that provide a stable base. Include 1 drawer for storage.


Intelligent Software

Seemic Features The user interface design of the M1 software means you’ll spend more time measuring and less time reading manuals. By combining a familiar user experience with current touch screen conventions, the M1 software can quickly be integrated into your process and accessible to a wide range of users



  • Clean, Intuitive Design
  • Advanced Crosshair Probe Toolbox
  • Flexible Measurement References
  • Popular Feature Constructions Supported
  • Feature Detail Views
  • Nominal Values and Deviations
  • Reports




Model No. SEEMIC
Measuring Range (X,Y) 200mm x 100mm (8″ x 4″)
Measuring Stage Anodized aluminum work surface with fixture holes and removable stage glass.
Controller Software Options M1, M2, M3, IK5000
System Footprint 20″ x 21″ x 31″ 100 lbs
Load Capacity 15 lbs on glass 100 lbs on frame
Magnification Capable of up to 400x
Optics 6.5:1 manual zoom lens with detents
0.5x,and 2.0x lens attachments optional.
Illumination UV Free LED Ring Light, LED Bottom Light, Fiber Optic On-axis light optional.
Scale Resolution 0.5 µm (0.00002″), 0.1 µm (0.000001″) optional
Accuracy (X,Y) Accuracy E(1)
E(1)=((.002+(4*L)/100/1000)) mm, (X/Y) Accuracy E(2)
E(2)=((.003+(4*L)/100/1000)) mm
Camera 1/2.5 format color CCD camera with 1280 x 800 @ 60 FPS (24-BIT), 16:10 Aspect Ratio
Computer Android® 4.4.2 or later tablet
Mounting Custom built workstation optional
Warranty 2 Year Warranty