Universal Punch Rollers Selection

Main Rollers Selection

Most main rollers for concentricity gauges are displayed on compatible product pages as addtional options. Specialized rollers can be ordered separately. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Full Plain 110FP, 120FP, 140FP

Full Zero Rollers 110FZ

Model H & HL Rollers

Special Rollers Main

Special Main Rollers To Order

Half Plain 110HP, 120HP, 140HP

Half Zero Rollers 110HZ

Extra Thin Zero Rollers

Quarter Plain 110QP, 120QP, 140QP

Quarter Zero Rollers 110QZ

Special Rollers


Part NumberDescription
Main Rollers For Models -10
110-10FPFull Plain Rollers Set
110-10HPHalf Plain Rollers Set
110-10QPQuarter Plain Rollers Set
110-10FZFull Plain Zero Rollers Set
110-10HZHalf Plain Zero Rollers Set
110-10QZQuarter Plain Zero Rollers Set
110-10TZThin Plain Zero Rollers Set
110-10TMThread Mandrel Rollers Set
Main Rollers For Models -20
120-20FPFull Plain Rollers Set
120-20HPHalf Plain Rollers Set
120-20QPQuarter Plain Rollers Set
120-20TMThread Mandrel Rollers Set
Main Rollers For Models -40
140-40FPFull Plain Rollers Set
140-40HPHalf Plain Rollers Set
140-40QPQuarter Plain Rollers Set
140-40TMThread Mandrel Rollers Set
Main Rollers For Models H-10/ H-20/ H-40
110-10HSFull Plain Short Rollers Set 0.6"/16mm Length
120-20HSFull Plain Short Rollers Set 0.8"/22mm Length
140-40HSFull Plain Short Rollers Set 1.0"/25mm Length

Top Rollers Selection

Each concentricity gauge comes standard with a top roller, as indicated below. If you need a particular top roller, please reach out to us for assistance.
3/8" x 1/8" (9,5 x 3,2) Roller

3/4" x 1/2" (19 x 13) Roller

1/2" x 3/16" (12,7 x 4,8) Roller

1" x 5/8" (25 x 15) Roller

5/8" x 3/16" (15,8 x 4,8) Roller

1" x 5/16" (25 x 8) Roller

3/4" x 9/32" (19 x 7,1) Roller

Top "V" Roller

Zero Style Roller

Floating Pitch Roller

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