Calibration Service FAQs

When we move our optical comparators, why do we have to calibrate them again? We recently had a calibration and it's not due for another half-year.

Answer: We understand your concern here, but the fact of the matter is that when the conditions for the original calibration have changed, that calibration can no longer be valid. Moved equipment must be calibrated to ensure performance in new conditions and environments.

Why are there additional repair fees in additional to the calibration fee?

Answer: This isn't always the case and never our intention. We always disclose the fact that repair and calibration are separate services as soon as customers inform us of any operational issues before a scheduled calibration. We are happy to perform one, the other, or both but only when requested.

Repair service and calibration service are two different and separate services. They require different tools, parts, and levels of labor to complete. Even though they may look like the same work, they are simply not.

Our service technicians do their best to discover any potential, necessary repairs well ahead of the scheduled calibration date. We do our best to inform and educate our customers as well as prepare tools, parts, and time needed to complete work at customer facilities.
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