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Traditional Stereo Microscopes
Ergoscope® ES-1000 Stereo Zoom Microscope 8x-50x Binocular

Protect your precision equipment with Preventative Maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your Tools.

Preventative Maintenance includes confirming proper operation of the system motion, optics, and lighting. It includes recommended cleaning and service for all mechanisms, and backing up configuration and parameter files.


We will thoroughly clean all mechanical components and optical elements using manufacturer recommended specs.


We will degrease moving parts that require lubrication with proper solvents. We will relubricate with non-drying lubricants.


  • Clean, lubricate lead screws / rod drives
  • Confirm motion within normal range
  • Ensure that motion moves freely


  • Clean all exterior surfaces
  • Clean screen
  • Clean mirrors
  • Clean lenses
  • Clean stage glass
  • Clean eyepiece


We will confirm power supply voltages and clean all filters and fans.


We will confirm normal operation and align all lighting paths, including vertical illuminators, condensers, etc.. Will will check for bad lamp sockets, power cords, housing assemblies. We will replace lamps (customer supplied) as needed.


6 months labor & workmanship

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