Mx100 Digital Readout

Mx100 digital readouts are available on Seemic and manual Seebrez systems as well as all major brands of optical comparators.


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Configuring the Mx100 Digital Readout

1. Choose Encoder Interface

2. Choose Axis Configuration

Add the required axes to the interface code to specify desired encoder axes support. *Note: it is quite common for the Q axis rotary protractor axis to be a 9 Pin TTL connector. For this case, the Q designator should be separated from XY by a "-".

3. Choose Sensor Option

The Mx200 is available with or without Optical Edge Detection support. When Optical Edge support is required, the code "-OE" should be added to the model number next. When "OE" is chosen, (2) Optical Edge Fiber Optic Cables will also be provided with your system.

4. Choose Mounting Option

5. Additional Accessories

Easy to Use DRO

Combining a familiar user experience with current touchscreen conventions, the Mx100 readout can quickly be integrated into your process while being accessible to a wide range of users.

Zero and Preset

Display Absolute and Incremental encoder positions from up to 3 connected encoders. Simple zero and preset functions provide quick assessment of relative encoder displacement.

RS232 Support

Send positional readings out of the on-board RS232 port to popular data collection programs.

Robust and Shop Hardened Digital Readout

A sealed rubber keypad and durable powder coated enclosure provide lasting performance and trouble free operation in a variety of shop and laboratory conditions.

Mx100 Specifications:

  • Display: 7″ Color 1024 X 600 LCD, with an LED backlit capacitive touch screen.
  • Power: Power supply(included): 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.8A. Power Input to Mx200: 12V.
  • DRO Dimensions: 286mm wide x 51mm deep x 162 mm high
  • DRO Baseplate Dimensions: 120mm wide x 125mm deep x 9.5mm high

Mounting Options:

  • OEM mount: Two Riser Blocks providing up to 4 distinct viewing angles, using (2) M6 threaded holes, spaced 38mm.
  • RAM ball mount: One Riser Block with 1.5” RAM Ball.
  • Base plate: Base Plate with two Riser Blocks providing up to 4 distinct viewing angles from the base.

Agency Approvals: CE

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