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The 4337125P MarCator 1086 Ri digital indicator features wireless data transfer, 8mm stem, .00005″ resolution and a measuring range of 1″/25mm.


  • On/Off Reset, Preset, ABS, Min/Max Memory and Tolerance Limit
  • MarConnect data output, options: USB, OPTO RS232C, Digimatic or i-wi
  • Immediate measurement due to the Reference System
  • IP42 Class of Protection
  • Maximum measuring speed 1.5 m/s (60″/s)
  • High contrast LCD with 11mm high digits
  • Operating and display unit can be rotated 280 degrees
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The 4337125P MarCator offers the most modern technology in the indicator industry with the integrated wireless systems i-wi. The wireless connection allows simple data collection via DTI to i-Stick, which is a small thumb stick that connects via USB to any computer. Via the communication between your indicator and i-Stick your data can be integrated automatically into Excel or any Windows program. Up to 8 gages can be connected simultaneously per i-Stick receiver. The transmitter is integrated directly into MarCator indicator and does not require a separate battery.

4337125P MarCator 1086 Ri Features

  • ON/OFF
  • RESET(Set display to zero)
  • Reversal of the counting direction
  • PRESET (Allows the entry of any value using set buttons)
  • TOL (Enter tolerance limit values)
  • ABS (Display can be set to Zero without losing the reference to the Preset value)
  • <0> (Tolerance GO/NO GO display mode)
  • DATA (when connected with a data connection cable)
  • Factor (adjustable)
  • Immediate measurement due to the Reference system
  • Individual buttons can be locked – Lock Function
  • Operating and display unit (bezel) can be rotated 280°
  • High contrast LCD with 11 mm high digits
  • Operating time approx. 3 years (2000 work hrs/year)
  • Maximum measuring speed 1.5 m/s (60″/s)
  • Lifter protection cap on the measuring spindle
  • MarConnect data output: USB, OPTO RS232C, Digimatic, Integrated Wireless
  • Operating temperature 10-40°C
  • Class of protection IP42 in accordance to IEC 60529


  • 4337125P MarCator 1086 Ri Digital Indicator
  • Operating Instructions
  • Battery
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