Mark-10 Advanced Test Frames (Series F): F755 / F1505 + INTELLIMESUR®


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This family of force testers is designed for tension and compression force testing applications, with force capacities up to 1,500 lbF (6.7 kN). Select from a broad range of force sensor capacities and an expansive array of grips and fixtures.

Set up tests, record data, and analyze data via IntelliMESUR® software. From basic tests to multi-step sequencing, IntelliMESUR® is fully integrated with Series F systems. Select from a pre-configured tablet control panel or standalone software for your own Windows device.

Characterize and analyze material behavior with the optional Materials Testing Calculations Module , featuring a suite of common calculations such as tensile strength, Young’s modulus, yield point, and more.

Coefficient of Friction (COF) Measurement is also available through an optional module.

Feature Description
Rigid and Precise Design

Exceptionally rigid frames feature custom extrusion designs, engineered for stiffness. Factory compensation of test frames and force sensors ensure position accuracy of ±0.002 in / 0.05 mm under any load, at any position.
Smooth Operation Stepper motors and controllers drive a ballscrew and linear guideway for smooth, quiet operation, with virtually no speed variation under load.
External Limit Switches

Solid-state upper and lower limit switches may be used as test limits or as test exceptions. Dual-graduated rulers aid in switch placement.
Easy-to-Service Electronics

Most electronics are housed in an integrated module, easily replaced without special tools or processes.

What’s In the Box?

The F755-EM, F755S-EM, F1505-EM, and F1505S-EM advanced test frames are shipped as shown at left, and include the following accessories:

(1) Control panel, mounting bracket, and hardware
(1) Eye end kit for base
(2) Lock ring for eye end
(2) Spanner wrench
(1) Power cord
(1) Allen wrench set

Dimensions 15 × 10 × 33 in

F755-IMT, F755S-IMT, F1505-IMT, F1505S-IMT, F755-IM, F755S-IM, F1505-IM, F1505S-IM

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