4429030 Digimar 816 CL 14″/350mm Motorized Height Gage


Mahr Measuring Instruments

The 4429030 Digimar 816 CL 14″/350mm Motorized Height Measuring Instrument from Mahr Federal provides accurate measurements without complicated procedures. Robust design and user-friendly operation combined with advanced features and functionality help improve dimensional measurements in both a shop floor environment or temperature controlled lab.

4429030 Digimar 816 CL Features

Measuring System

  • Excellent accuracy and reliability due to the optical incremental measurement system with the double reader head
  • Dynamic probing system enabling high repeatability
  • Air bearings system for light and smooth movement
  • Precise measuring head on stainless steel guideways
  • Motorized measuring carriage simplifies measurement runs
  • Temperature compensation with an integrated temperature sensor
  • Probe constant remains after the instrument is switched off
  • Integrated rechargeable battery with a long operating time span for mains independent measurement

Operating and Display Unit

  • Easy to read background lit graphic LCD-Display
  • Large and clearly defined function keys
  • Operator guidance with self-explanatory icons / pictograms
  • Possible to set additional zero points on a work piece
  • Memory can store up to 99 measured values
  • MarConnect Data output, select either:
    -OPTO RS232C
Weight 56.00 lbs
Dimensions 9.45 × 9.84 × 14.00 in
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